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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
I will add Im very impressed puppy can go full speed! The land in NH just isnt smooth. I only have a couple properties that I can go over 10 mph with short bursts of 13 mph.
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I've been on many different makes and models of zero turn mowers and can see that most mowers will beat you to death, that is other than a Ferris 3100 or above, the smaller models ride reasonably well, but the added weight from the larger models help the ride tremendously. The larger AOS Bad Boy with the rubber compression suspension (also added weight from this mower helps), and the new longer wheel base Super Z with the added flex forks will all ride far superior to any of the other mowers on the market. The shorter wheel base Super Z I also own would beat you to death without the flex forks and suspension seat.

The properties you believe to be rough would feel totally different while operating one of the mowers mentioned above. The extra speed can also add to ride roughness, don't think for one minute my property has been graded and press rolled, because it is by no means of the imagination perfectly smooth. If you operated any mower other than the ones I mentioned, and could get them to a mowing speed of 13 mph, you would need to slow down on places I run full speed with no problem. Most zero turn mowers are bone jarring rough, and I've operated many of them, but I can tell you without reservation that my mowers (both of them because of add-ons), ride far superior to Scag, Exmark, Bobcat, Toro, Gravely, and any of the other short wheel base zero turn mowers that are not equipped with shock absorbing add-ons.

There is a difference of night and day in how zero turn mowers ride and handle, and I can tell you without doubt, the hydraulics on a Hustler Super Z makes it handle far superior, and I do mean far superior, to any other mower in its class. There are people that have cut problems in different areas of the country with Super Z mowers, but there is no one that will tell you they are not the best handling mower they've ever operated.
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