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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
It's a business decision, I've fired friends before. We're still friends, people need to understand the difference between business and personal.
no I know.. i'm just advising him to not go about it the wrong way. i'm still not sure what kinda stake he really has in this business so to just say "dump him" may turn things sour. you can't really fire someone that is an equal partner. i'm simply stating that I think it's better to come to an equal understanding rather than leaving him no choice in the matter. IMO this friend doesn't really sound like a great business person and will most likely fail on his own. so i think it will be better to just part ways and let that inevitably happen, rather than "firing" him and then he turns around and blames him for his misfortunes. if he wants to get up at 8, so be it. if he doesn't wanna work weekends, so be it. there really isn't anything wrong with that. if thats how he wants to live his life, that's his option. but that's not what YOU want. for a partnership to work there needs to be equal understanding.

if he splits or leaves, this is what will probably happen. OP will be successful while the friend eventually fails and goes under. NOW this friend will have to see that he's problem. but if he fires him, which he probably can't legally do anyway, the friend will just resent him and blame him for something that's really not his fault.

it's kinda like if a guy were to cheat on his GF that he wasn't all that into. if he were to just come to an equal understanding and let it be known that it's not working out, they could part ways peacefully. but if she finds out that he was cheating, well now he's just the a$$hole and it's all his fault.. right? don't give him any ammo to turn this into a conflict.

so really what I'm saying is.. communicate, don't just force it. if he doesn't wanna split, then he's left you no other options.

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