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Originally Posted by C Jovingo Landscaping View Post
Sounds like it is your company & your buddy is just an employee. You do all the office/paper work, billing, estimates, handle calls, scheduling & bought the equipment. Does he mow by himself or both of you mow all 29. Let me guess...he had the truck, so that made him a partner! Lol! I can't see your location on cell phone. I you have an end to your season, I'd finish the season. Let him know then that your goin solo next year!
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I have had a lot of people tell me that the company is mine and that hes an employee. We both have pick up trucks. We both mow together depending on the size of the property. Sometimes one of us mows and one of us trims. BTW, Im in NJ for those who use cell phones and cant see my loc. I have that same problem when I use mine lol.
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