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Originally Posted by mikesturf View Post
In Illinois its illegal to put ANYTHING in or on a mailbox. I'm sure its illegal nation wide (federal). Some mailmen will remove them and throw them out. You may get a phone call telling you to stop.

I love Riggle's link. I use a similar photo on my fliers. You need to explain more WHY people should have their lawn aerated. Many know they should, but you need to get them to call you NOW. I don't like the idea of post card. My flyer tells them to call me now. Having the customer fill out a post card, them stamp it, then mail it takes too much time and you will have people not following through.
Don't care what the mailman does. If he wants to take them fine,never had a problem. I do have my number on the flier ,the postcards do work .When I did years ago for lawn cutting I was getting then back a year later. Seem to work ,had 2 calls even before I got home . Plus have a few calls over the last 2 days for more info. Even got calls for snowplowing.
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