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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Once again you are way off base. So, Let me spoon feed you the common sense point I am trying to make. The IRONY is his applications are pouring down the side of the House while he is trying to tell us how not to Contaminate the environment with a bad application locations. In other words you can only apply Pyrethriods in these locations so they don't run off. But in the mean time he is pouring Pyrethriods all down the side of the house. Too bad your TG/CL-Lesco Training wasn't more technical instead of Marketing.

Your truly judgmental!!

You think FMC is stupid?

I think its following the frame work of the Urban Turf Rules that have developed nationally.
I believe this video is focused more on paying attention to weather conditions before the application you are about to well as other factors that contribute to runoff.

If the application in the video was done the way it was and it didn't rain for two week's. I don't feel runoff would be of concern.

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