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I sat down with him yesterday when I was done servicing the 5 lawns that needed to be done. needless to say on my own, i was out and about by 7 am with my son and we were done by 11.

I voiced my displeasure with his lack of promptness and availability. Apparently he didnt like what I had to say. He actually had the grapes to tell me that doing all of the office duties, estimates, taking calls etc is NOT work!

I said to him that I may not know everything that there is to know and that I am still learning but I do know that customers/accounts cannot be put off just because he doesnt feel like getting up or not working Saturdays and that they should be done when we say that we are going to do it. And if it rains then we should do them on the next possible day that weather conditions are more favorable and if it happens to be a Saturday then so be it. I hate working saturdays too but if i have to then I will. He still disagreed with me. I told him that I cannot operate with him and his poor work ethic. Its not good for the buisness and I would like to keep as many of our clients as possible for next year and build on that. Again shrugs his shoulders as if no big deal to him.

So, in the end, I told him that I got some advise from seasoned pros (Thank you Lawn Site and its knowledgeable members), and that I will finish the season with him and that starting january 1, I am going to go out on my own as a solo op with a new company name. We have 2 main areas that we service. I offered to give him the one area and I will take the other. Surprisingly, he agreed to it. I also told him that if he wants to buy any more equipment for this year should it be needed that it was going to come out of his own pocket bc I will not invest in another piece of equipment to share. Any new stuff from this point forward I buy will be for myself. We dont have a written agreement as far as equipment/accounts and so on but he did agree to splitting and I will take everything that I bought outright. The stuff bought jointly which wasnt much, I will buy off of him (depeciated value).

We were storing everything at his house and I have another friend that i explained my dilema to and he said that I can store stuff at his place (no I dont have a place for storage and my budget at the moment doesnt cover a storage unit). I will be looking into that next season. I wont have to pay him rent bc we help each other with work. He gives me work in the winter when things are slow for me and I do the same for him during the warmer months when I need the help for mulch jobs or clean ups etc.

Now I can start running things the way I want them to be run!

I'd like to thank everyone that has given me advise on this matter and I appreciate it very much!

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