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Worst conditions i've ever had in business here in missouri

Originally Posted by grass disaster View Post
here in mn my little area was doing ok on the rain.

id get a tiny shot just to keep me in business.

now its dryer than the dickens out there!
My absolute worst year of mowing ever, not even close. Probably down in the range of 75% off last year. End of June the grass was microwaved brown and stayed that way until mid Sept. Had all of my weekly cuts in July and August go to once a month maybes. Had some once in two months. Got so bad tat I took a vacation to Europe for 16 days and didn't even tell my customers, the grass was that burnt. Came back and finally we have some rain but too late to salvage a disastrous season of 2012. Feel for ya, guy, nobody's had it worse than we in Missouri. Take a full schedule 5/6 days a week, chop it down to maybe 2 if you're lucky from June 24th to about Sept 6th. Take 75% off your total gross amount for those have my spreadsheet for 2012. I told my lead trimmer to get another job back in July and work for me whenever. Even had my city park contract cut for 2 straight months, nada, no mowing on a public park for two months!
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