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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
I could really tell in the growth and amount of grass clippings. I was putting lots of fertilizer to it an was mowing 2 times a week. After primo I was mowing 1 time a week and still very little clippings. I could tell it thickened up pretty good. Would it have looked the same without primo? I don't know.

There were mixed opinions on doing primo on new turf. I chose to do it as close to fall as possible. That way if it didnt work no harm and if it did hopefully it would fill in and look good before fall.

I really think after we get into next year it will look like it was sodded.
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I think you waited long enough for the plugs to establish before hitting it. Primo does make the grass tighter / thicker but I was not sure it would help it fill the gaps.
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