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I can't remember hearing about a Bob Cat attacking a Human here in Florida. But a Quick Google tells me Bob Cat have a history of attacking Humans. I found several report of Bob Cat attacks, but none in Florida. As a Nuance Wildlife trapper I have never had a call about Bob Cats.

Bob Cats and Coyotes are very common here in Florida. They might not be as visible as all the Alligators we see every day, but they are living in dense urban areas. This was their habitat first.

IMHO the Alligator population has recovered to the point a mass thinning of the heard is needed. The Economy value of Alligators means the state only need to increase the number of Alligator Permits and lenght of the hunting season. Bob Cats and Coyotes have no economy value, so paid hunters must be used.

BINGO I had my first call to trap and remove a Bob Cat. I turned it down for several reasons. First it was 25 mile drive one way and I don't service that area. If that isn't reason enough, at the current time I don't have a trap big enough for a Bob Cat. Hog Trap would work But I stay away from Hogs because of so many sport hunters willing to do Hog Hunting. Third, Bob Cat like all cats and many Wild animals are tricky to catch. Special lures and Baits etc should be used to even give you a fighting chance to catch them.

Finally I never shot a Price at the caller only the name of an other Trapper who might handle the Call. The bottom line cost of removing a Bob Cat is not cheap my any means. I would want at least a five hundred dollar deposit before starting the job.


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