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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
If you've looked at any drought maps over the summer, you will see NC was one of very few states with no drought to speak of, we really had too much rain for the most part. The corn yields were great, and my soybeans are loaded from top to bottom, and the grass has grown entirely too fast.
Yea La Nina ended early in the year and we have been in ENSO Neutral which is neither La Nina or El Nino. N is usually better for the SE than LN but not nearly as good as EN. There is a 45% chance that N will continue through the first part of 2013. But EN chances increase to 44% by the end of the year. Very little % that LN will come back by the early part of 2013. N got SC out of the severe drought that we were in under LN. N is a anything goes winter and hard to forecast
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