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Good info guys. I'm trying to add a pruning program to become more full service. I already offer mowing, apps, and mulch. The obvious next step is to add pruning and possibly shrub insect treatments an fertilization.

The hard part I feel I would have is describing what I would do. I'm sure I'll get the old man who expects everything to be freshly pruned all year long. I was originally trying to figure out a way to word it like 1-2 full pruninga a year and the. "As needed" in between to take care of dead and suckers.

I'm not confident in how to estimate this. Since I haven't be asked to do a lot I usually give a hourly estimate with some room for error. Not sure how to handle the as needed jobs or how often I would need to trim.

I may start off with 2 pruninga a year. One after spring blooms and 1 after fall blooms. I could trim evergreens on both visits. That way the customer and I both know hat to expect. Then as I become more familiar I can estimate with more confidence.

Then again prunin. Isn't one of my favorite things to do so I may be better off not doing it or subbing it out to a local landscaping company.
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