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Originally Posted by GQLL View Post
You got a bad truck it happens. i have two 6.4 one with never had any major problems with them. only had a steering damper in one and the other been problem free. I am glad people keep posting these problems cause it just lowers the used market price and i can pick them up cheaper. just like with the early 6.0 you can get them cheap all day long and spend about 3k and have a bullet proof motor.
Ours was the 5.4 and I'm ok with getting a bad truck but when something is bad you expect it to be fixable. I gave for over 4 months to "fix" it and before returning it on lease had some aftermarket guys look at it to which they told me to run. I'm surprised how you can write off the idea of spending upwards of $75k on something that never worked properly and then the company you purchase it from telling you it's designed to overheat and stall out. Thats like you installing an irrigation system that has a valve stuck in the open position and flooding someone's yard and telling the HO that its operating within spec.
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