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[QUOTE=ProMo;4540966]Looks like your math is off a bit. At rate assuming your rate is 1 lb N you would be getting 1.14 lb of sulfate. The sulfate form of sulfer does not lower Ph of soil so that is a mute point anyway. Sulfur needs to be in the elemental form to effectively lower Ph. The acid forming process of fertilizer occurs when the ammonium converts to nitrate. Since ammonium sulfate is 100% ammonium it is about 2x more acidifying than other forms of nitrogen.[

Around 1# was my way of not being exact at 1.14.
The rest of it ment. If you think this non-elemental form of sulfur is helping with soil pH. You would be greatly mistaken. I understand what happens during the conversion process. It just doesn't matter to pH as mentioned. Hence my response.
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