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Originally Posted by LibertyFarmLandscaping View Post
My last 35 hp Vanguard I bought in June was $9400 +tt&l. The 28 cat would have been $14950.
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You got a very good deal on what is considered an excellent mower and engine. It takes a lot of work to make up $5550, and I personally would not want a liquid cooled engine on a mower.

You will never replace a radiator, or even cleaned one, never have a water leak, or water pump failure, never have to check coolant levels, worry about watching a temperature gauge, as many hired laborers never look at anyway. You will never wonder how a head gasket failed, or a head cracked if the engine does not have the alarm system working, and someone failed to see it was running hot...these are things you want deal with on air cooled engine.

The reason I'm saying this is because I was brought a new mower with a 28 hp Cat diesel to see what I thought. The first thing I noticed was the extreme vibration from the 3 cylinder engine. I mentioned this to the dealer and he said the manufacturer was sending a newly designed bracket to each owner that bought this particular diesel; for the fact they were having problems with the exhaust system separating from the engine because of excessive vibration from the 3 cylinder Cat.

I ran this mower for maybe 30 minutes or so (remember this was a new mower, never operated, meaning perfectly clean), and all of a sudden the engine rpms dropped to idle. I was totally shocked, and believed something happen to the fuel delivery, that was until I looked at the control panel and saw a warning light. I got off the mower and glanced behind the seat at the radiator, there was a pre-screen to keep trash from getting to the radiator flues (which is a necessity), and the pre-screen was totally covered. I was cutting medium size grass in dry summertime conditions, and it appeared all the dry grass particles I had stirred up when mowing had sucked directly into this pre-screen.

I had to leave the mower and walk about 200 yds. to get a hand-held blower, I came back, switched the mower off and blew the trash off the screen and out of the radiator area. I then blew the entire mower and engine completely clean.

I immediately thought to myself, why would anyone want to deal with this hassle when you can run an air cooled engine and not be bothered with this type aggravation.
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