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Originally Posted by teckjohn View Post
disassemble all lines, coolers, wheel motor and filter head and remove hydro tank and flush it on the side that went bad. Kerosene will clean all the parts and then you will want to use a pressure washer to flush lines and then re wash it in kerosene and use a air hose to blow off all parts. You dont want to have a little piece of metal ruin your new pump. Pull the wheel off the good side and take lines off and see if it has metal in it
The good side is contaminated. So I should disassemble the wheel motors not just flush them? Will I need a seal kit if I open the wheel motors up? It makes sense to check everything and take the time rather then have a little piece screw up the new pumps. What do you think my chances of damage to the wheel motors and good pump are that the whole system is contaminated? There is an oil cooler and I am wondering if that will be able to get cleaned out, but I am pretty sure the filter will pick anything up from the cooler?
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