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Originally Posted by lawnsaspire View Post
The only reason I usually mulch is because of dumping costs. I still have leaves in my garden area that I dumped there last year b/c I hate going to the dumpsite. But they just called me the other day and said they were under new management and wondered why I hadn't been down there lately. There was a guy down there I called the "grass nazi" b/c he was very strict and wouldn't pick up stuff I set on my curb cause he said it was from other people's yards. It was of course, but why's he care? It was in the proper containers that they require. He must of pissed off alot of the landscapers for them to fire him. THe grass Nazi's reign of terror is no more!
Leaves are not big issue for me . My mother in law has 14 acres I dump just about anything nature grows on property.
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