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I've seen a few Cub Commi's in my area and they do leave a nice stripe and they look well built however that IS not enough for me to even start to dissect their line up and consider it for use. Why, simple there is too many other mowers out their are are just better for all the right reasons. I feel like their not in the game to be the best like Toro, Scag, Ferris, Walker, etc.... I dunno why i feel that way, more than likely its because i don't see allot of them and i know thats no reason to X them off the list .but if they were all that i would see more of them

I'm at the point now that if a mower doesn't have full suspension i wont even consider it. Thats how happy i am with Ferris. Cut, comfort, build quality, its that good.

Craig, i know your problems with Bad Boy. I can't believe you painted it yellow. Is that true or did you photo shop that chit?
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