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Originally Posted by Chilehead View Post
I currently have a website that many of you have been so kind to critique, and offer your expertise on how to improve it.....many thanks to you. So here's the question of the day: All thing being the same, (i.e. content, header, meta-tags) would a single-page website have a better organic rating vs. my current site with 8 pages?
No. All things being equal, you would potentially have a single-page site with one title tag, one H1 tag, and no internal links going against an 8 page site, with the associated tags, as well as site depth via internal linking.

Now, in terms of H1 tags, you can have more than one, but as with everything else, it comes down to the application. Do they make sense as used? Are they clearly delineating content sections? Are those content sections, each with an H1, materially different so that Google recognizes their value, and therefore ranks your site appropriately? Google would recognize a single-page site having separate H1's for About / Contact / Services, but do they differentiate multiple H1's for the more granular Mowing / Clean Ups / Fert 'n Squirt?

To go a bit deeper, and a bit of a veer, take a look at the spec differences between HTML4 and 5's handling of the H tag, as well as people that use page readers and the usability issues they might run in to.

To me, for the line of work you're in, I wouldn't do a single-page site. There's plenty of room to differentiate yourself, and increase site rank, by going deeper with content than your competitor. A gallery/portfolio of your work should necessitate a multi-page site, if only for ease of use and load times.
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