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I own both a BR600M and the Husky 570 BTS, and the Husky is a few pounds heavier, true enough, but the shoulder harness is vastly superior to the Stihl's (if anyone is paying attention, Stihl just recently started copying the design of the Husky's shoulder straps). The Husky stays locked in place on your back, and after a half hour or so of running either, the Stihl actually starts feeling a lot less comfortable and heavier because of having to constantly adjust the blowers position on your shoulder. I'm not what you'd call round shouldered by any means, but my 600 is always trying to slide off one side or the other. That's my only real gripe with it. I even bought the optional chest strap to see if that would help, but no luck.

They are both excellent machines, and while I definitely prefer the Husky, I like the 600's very well indeed. They are quiet and fuel efficient, and have a perfectly shaped throttle handle. The Husky has a better design to their throttle lock by far though. It is infinitely adjustable where the one on the Stihl isn't.

The Husky usually requires 4-5 pulls to start when dead cold, but starts first pull with minimal effort after that. The 600 usually takes 2 pulls cold, and one after that. I am referring to when they actually start, not just kick over.

Everywhere around me they are both $499 + tax. If a dealer offers a bigger discount on the Husky, it is not just because he can't move them. It is more likely that he is getting a volume discount on them or Husky is offering a promotion at the time. The same goes for Stihl when they offer deals. Both sell well around here. In fact, last year after Husky announced the 570/580's, you couldn't find one anywhere within 100 miles of me. I know because I checked out Husky's site for dealers within that range of me, and every single one of them said had sold out almost immediately, especially after guys started reading how well they worked on the net. I got lucky on mine because the dealer had just gotten his shipment of Husky's and RM's in right before I called, so he held one for me until I could get down there. When I asked how long before they would get anymore, every single dealer told me it would be at least another 3-4 weeks because they were selling so well that Husky/RM was severely backed up on production.

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