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Puppy, I wasn't ignoring your questions above to me, I have been gone all day.

I run a Z950 with the 60" MOD deck. No suspension seat as they come, which is total BS IMO. The seat itself is nicely padded which helps, but if I get going too fast on rough ground, my eyes start rolling around in their sockets

Something you said earlier about the Exmark having the most suction- I'm not so sure that's true anymore really. Here's why I say that. If you take a close look at the underside of the MOD deck, the front baffle is shaped very closely to the newer ICD 's baffling,and wraps the blades much more than the front baffle under the std Pro deck does. Then, there's the adjustable baffles between the blades under the MOD. They actually form more of a complete circle around the blades in there forwards position (which is where the factory sets them before shipping) then the combined baffles do under the UC deck.

I recently fabbed some new adjustable baffles for mine so that I have even more baffling around my blades than the stock set-up. I did this for use with the MOD closed while using OEM mulching blades on leaves this fall. I can still side discharge at good speed, but now when the MOD is closed, it is a thing of beauty to see perform. It works just like a true mulch kit now, but still leaves me the option to side discharge if I choose.

If you go to this link and scroll down to the buttons, then click on them, one will bring up the MOD deck's underside, and a lever where you can shift it to close or open the MOD. You can see the factory adjustable baffles in place sticking out from the rear skirting between blades, and how much gap is left between the tip of the baffle, and the closed front baffle when the MOD is closed. It is just about exactly 2.75", and is designed to let clippings move between the blades (both Exmark, and Scag have something very similar in the design of their mulch kits, and this is what they claim too). My new baffles close that distance to about 3/4"- 7/8" which forms an even tighter circle around the blades then the stock baffles do, and with the OEM mulching blades, leaves and grass all but totally disappear. Even with the MOD open and these baffles/blades in place, the grass clippings coming out onto pavement look like they were run through a true mulch kit. I also added 1/8" more rear pitch to my blades to go with this new set-up. My QOC is as good as, (actually, better than) it's ever been.

As for the other question about buckhorn plantain and dandelions, you better believe it! In the spring, many yards here are much more yellow than green. We have buckhorn plantain in any lawn that doesn't get treated. I have cut a lot of that stuff, and last year under my std 7 Iron II deck, the G6's ate it for breakfast. They don't work quite as well with the MOD's baffling design for some reason I can't understand, because the OEM high lifts do a great job on both of those weeds.
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