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alcohol also has a higher octane rating, and the extra fuel also equates to some extra cylinder cooling. Yes, when you are talking full on race engine alcohol has plenty of advantages. that makes up a very small portion of engines out there, and they aren't on the road. even with the 10% ethanol being sold in pumps now there IS a mileage drop, and with the drought we had this year i doubt ethanol has much savings at all. If you compare e85 to gasoline i don't believe there is any cost savings. E85 is only at max 40-50 cents cheaper around here. I get 17mpg on gasoline and i've heard i'd get maybe 11-12 with e85.

today gasoline was 3.65 at quiktrip. that is 22 cents per mile at 17mpg for me.
E85 is 3.20. that is 27 cents per mile at 12mpg. for me, it's actually MORE expensive to use e85
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