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Originally Posted by unit28 View Post
if it's an all season use
go with PB770.
It has the backside air cooler in summer use, thicker padding
than Husky and it's back plate is as comfortable as any.

One thing that you should know is dealer prep is an important factor in getting any blower adjusted for out the door performance. That's the biggest issue and the sole reason why some people say the echo isn't what it is all cracked up to be.

With that said ...all the big blowers are very considerable for heavy leaf clean up.
The Husky has an even better back cooling system. It doesn't make your back cold in the cooler months like the Echo can, but it still cools off the pack frame back extremely well. The padding on the back of the Husky is far better/tougher/thicker than that on the Echo 770 too. I've run both. I very much like the Echo, but I like the Husky even more.

I agree that all of the new big BP's are excellent machines thhat will doo the job fine.
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