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Originally Posted by Belgium View Post
I'm going to buy a new leaf blower next week and was wondering what to buy. I don't really care about the weight as long as it's comfortable to wear. I now own echo pb-755's and i'm very pleased with them, but i really like the high specs of the new husky 580bts (no experience with husky). So what should you buy? Echo pb-770, husky 570/580 bts or just a stihl br600?
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Most guys see only the CFM number and go for the 580, but I honestly think you'd be happier with the 570. It has much higher MPH than the 580 which is useful for getting stuck down debris loose and moving, and has more than enough CFM for anything. I've run both of these two machines as well, and I bought the 570 because it moves the debris a bit better under almost all conditions, is lighter, and costs less. Either will be a great choice though. The 570 and RM 7500 are the same machine in case you didn't already know that. Same for the RM 8500 and the Husky 580.
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