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For those who don't know this-
Husky owns Redmax, but Redmax makes Husky's blowers to Husky's design specs. That's why there are certain differences between the two brands.

I've run them all at one time or another. The Husky/RM's are the top of the heap in power. The Shindy 802 is an excellent blower, but for the size of its engine. it doesn't perform as well as it could/should. Plus, the numbers for the Shindy can be confusing and misleading. They have two different nozzles for it, one for higher CFM at lower MPH for moving large piles of stuff, and the other is more narrow so that it provides higher MPH at lower CFM's for getting stuck down crap loose. The numbers GOLDPRO posted are a combination of the best of both tubes, but that's not the way it works, and it's why I said the numbers can be confusing.

See the specs for both nozzles here-

Last fall I demo'd all of the big BP's on real world debris because the specs don't always tell the whole story. For me the Husky 570 was the best of the bunch. It has high CFM's at high MPH (770 FCM, 236 MPH). The high MPH is very useful for scouring wet leaves and dirt loose, but it has more than enough CFM for anything. I have a BR600M as well, and it is an excellent blower,with lots of power, but I still prefer the Husky.

I chose the 570 over the RM 7500 because the shoulder strap/harness system is a lot better, it has a better system to remove the air box cover, and the handle can be adjusted for pitch. The only thing I don't like about the Husky blowers is the way the tube mounted handle is offset to the side of the tube instead of being directly over the tube's center.

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