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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Changing compression ratio does not change the amount of air that a naturally aspirated engine can draw in.

Alcohol engines do not produce more power because they run at a higher compression. They produce more power because more fuel gets into the cylinder. Lower energy fuel is put in quantity greater, 2.45 times more fuel, enough greater volume of fuel that more power is produced.
My analogy on compression ratio was described wrong.

Please explain to me how more fuel would get into the cylinder of a stock engine running alcohol vs gasoline. Both equal engines, same carbs same everything.

When I ran karts the carb jets were drilled larger for alcohol but no power gains were achieved from running alcohol. Dyno testing proved this. Same engines, same carbs...change one jet to run alcohol, now change the jet to run gas...same power.

Now try to run the alcohol engine on gasoline or vice versa and they would not run properly if at all.
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