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Originally Posted by BrendonTW View Post
In order to get the actual license, what all is required? Passing the test obviously, but what else? How long ago did you get licensed if you did? Has taking these classes and acquiring any connections helped you much?
Well first, it's not a license, it's a certification. The requirements are to take the one day class and pass the test at the end, that's it. I think ICPI now requires you to install so many square feet of pavers before you can get the actual certification, but ncma has no such requirement that I am aware of. Yes, I would say any classes I have taken have helped. You can ask questions and talk to other people in the industry which is always beneficial as well.

I got my icpi certification 2 years ago and ncma certification one year ago. I am actually in the process of selling my company because I have a baby girl on the way and I have some other business ventures I want to try out.
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