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Ok guys I have got a price from my Gravely dealer and it is a lot cheaper than the Scag, Exmark, Toro and Wright prices I have been getting. I know Gravely is making a big push to become a major player in this business but do they hold up and perform as well as the major brands? I am looking at the Pro Stance. The dealer also sells Scag and said he would run Gravely against anybody any day of the week. I am liking what I am hearing from him but I don't want to make a big mistake and buy something then in a few months wish I would have spent the extra money on the major brand. Cut quality and the ability to climb up on islands my only real concern. Am I worrying to much? I really like the Scag as well but it is going to cost me another $1100 for there V Ride and Wright was way out of the ballpark on there price for a Stander X. I am picking up a V Ride 52" demo Thursday and the rep is bringing me a 61" Pro Stance on Monday or Tuesday of next week. They all have there pros and cons I just am lost on which mower is the right choice. So you guys can cast your vote and that will help me a ton!
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