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Originally Posted by Downunder Bob View Post
Hey Puppy, I see you have John Deere equipment on your farm, but i'm curious to know why you never stayed green with your mower.
I remember you tried a Bad Boy once but I'm keen to know if you have ever demoed the green line up and if so what your thoughts were.
I'm not sure If John Deere make a mower that travels as fast as the Hustler, is it primarily the speed of the super- z that keeps you loyal to the Hustler brand?
No, not only the speed, but quality of build and hydraulics is my reasons for running Hustler Super Z mowers. The HyperDrive hydraulic system on my new mower is the only true industrial grade hydro system on the size zero turn mowers we run that is built.

I am a JD man for the most part on farm equipment, my father was a JD dealer for many years, after starting with International farm equipment in the 50's.

JD (yes I have run their biggest), does not have a mower built as strong, or as fast as a Super Z. The hydraulics are nowhere near comparable, I do think the cut is very good on JD, and would say it gives a better manicured cut than Hustler, but for my mowing conditions, the Super Z does a very good job, but at a much higher productivity rate, and a far superior ride.

My niece's, husband's, mother also has a farm, and they have always been diehard JD everything. The son talked his mother (father passed away) into buying a 900 series JD with a 72" deck. I've personally run this mower myself, much slower, much rougher ride, and the handling because of hydraulics is not comparable to either of my Super Z mowers.

I talked about the things I liked better about my mower, and the son (NC Highway Patrolman) had to come see for himself what I was talking about. Well, it was not long after that until he bought a new 60" Super Z. He used his new Super Z for a couple of weeks and I asked him what he thought. He told me he could not believe how much faster he could cut grass with a 60" deck than he could before with a 72" deck. He took the Super Z over to his mothers to help her mow (she has acres to mow), I think it was to show her the difference, but he told me he was literally running circles around the big JD. He said they were mowing back and forth, and he could mow a pass and half of another before his mother finished one pass. He was raving about the faster mowing speed.
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