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We usually do have a string of cash coming in becasue we do residential work which is always 50% and 50%, 33-33-33 on some larger or further scheduled out work. usually when it comes to financing its only about 3 years then we pay it off. Its hard in any business to just shell out 50k on one piece of equipment in the middle of the season. And the big reason we finance stuff is because we would rather make a payment on it and continue to be able to pay all of our suppliers to keep them under 90 days so we can continue to work with them.

I will say that this year we have made a big push to increase our residential sales becasue that is a constant cash flow for us, and as we proceed forward that is our goal with the company.

It works for us, and unfortunately we arent like everyone on here that just has piles of cash sitting around to pay for everything they by.
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