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Cash is all a mentality, a habit, and discipline.

Dave Ramsey is the man.

Basically, running your life on credit started in the late 60's early 70's. Before then it was all cash.

JC Penny's nickname was "Just Cash Penny ".

In the Bible, "The Debtor is a slave to the lender."

I always pay my suppliers the day I pick something up.

So, we run on cash. I only have one truck payment and that will be done with a nice lump sum payment at the end of the year.

I always buy used, work trucks and equipment get used and abused. If your buying new and trying to keep stuff pristine, then your just wasting time in your life.

I also work on all of our equipment. Occasionally I will take something to get worked on if I just don't have the time to do it, or if it will take more time for me to fool with it compared to the money I could be making.

01 C3500HD, 9ft plow, Central Hydraulics, and Under Tailgate salt spreader. 8k for the package and 40k on the odometer.

10k equipment trailer, 800 bucks.

05 F-150, 10k and 150k on the odometer.

04 Vermeer, S600TX and Backhoe attachment. 12k

Used leaf loader, 1k

06 Dixie Chopper run-behind, 2k and has done 12k worth of mowing this year. On top of it, it out-performs a new 60" Kubota diesel mower. (Raced another company )

And I can go on about the little amount of money I've spent on equipment and the repair bills being minimal because of working on them.

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