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Originally Posted by hustlermidwest View Post
The flex forks built for our Fastrak models (600213) will fit the 48" and 54" sport models. They will not fit the 42" Sport. The reason we don't market them for the Sport is because of the weight of the Sport. The Flex Forks are made for a heavier unit and what you'll find by placing them on a Sport would be like placing stiff shocks on your truck. They work, they smooth the ride, but work better on a heavier machine.

Brian O
My new 72" Super Z rides better than I could have ever imagined. The 35 hp Kawi adds weight along with the bigger frame, and the longer wheel base with the added flex forks really smooths things out. I bought the first flex forks that came to my dealer, and I also bought the first flex seat as well. I still run my 2006 Super Z, well my wife does, but the new heavier mower rides better than my older machine. The weight and longer wheel base is what I believe makes the most difference.
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