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Originally Posted by TNGrassCutter View Post
In the first pic it looks like your husky won't work in my extreme blower rack. Guess I'll stick with the echo 770, the dealer has been good to me, and our only husky dealer is my kubota dealer which is a bunch of Jackwagons. I don't really need huge power to move branches and huge piles of leaves, just normal cleanups and blowing clippings and dirt off parking lots. Just ready to step up from my echo 500 I've had for a few years now, I'm sure I'll see a big difference.
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Like I've posted many times on LS, the 770 is a sweet blower with a lot of power/performance. You will be well served by it. I just found soemthing I liked better, but I would gladly own a 770, and almost did.

Why won't it work on your rack? I don't use racks on my trailer like most guys do for trimmers and blowers etc because I also use my trailer for my CUT and the racks would be in my way most of the time, so I am not up on them like I maybe should be.
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