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I think you have mentioned it before. Isn't the tube on the 570 the same diameter as the 580...couldn't I just get the end tube for the 570? In any case, I'm good with it the way it is. I'm used to putting on/taking off tubes on my Shindaiwas all the time and I do the same with the Husky as needed. Generally I just keep the extra intermediate tube on because I really can blow pavement off up to 30 feet away with it like that. For blowing bulky debris, such as when I'm stacking firewood with it, I take it off...hehe...ok, maybe that's a little bit of a stretch. What you're supposed to do is put the high velocity nozzle on with the optional extra handle that mounts to the tube...but I just can't see having to have to two-hand a blower tube. I've tried it for short periods with one hand, but it just torques the tube too damn hard to hold it unless you're at low throttle...and then what's the point, ya know. You can brace your elbow against your side...but it's just not'd be in the hospital if you tried to do that all day long.
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