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The PTO blower would work for the 1/2 mile of dirt roads, but the trails are kind of rough and getting the tractor through some of them, although possible, is cumbersome and a bit dangerous. I actually used to use my 5 foot brushog along the dirt roads for the leaves...going backwards it blows them all to one side pretty well and cuts the grass at the same time.

It's not like I'm swapping tubes all the time or anything. But I like to use the best possible tool for each situation...heck I have 5 or 6 showels and 5 or 6 rakes I bring out for landscaping jobs, 5 hedge trimmers for hedge/shrub jobs, 5 axes/mauls for splitting wood, etc., all used for what they're best suited depending on the exact situation at's how I operate.

This guy is using the high velocity nozzle on the 580, which I think is the wrong thing to do in his situation. If he just used the stock tube that stuff would be flying rather than just rolling, but maybe that's not what he wants?

Speaking of neighbors, I bet her neighbor across the street just loves this!!!
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