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Originally Posted by Green_Pips View Post
One would hope for the dealers sake that news would travel, to prevent the dealer from dealing with guys like Craig. It just does not seem like it would be worth it for all the damage that may have done by Craig and his unrealistic expectations and fantasies when it comes to customer service and service after the sale.
LOL!!! If nothing else, you are a source of amusement. I know customer service, for as I said, I was in auto sales from 2000 to 2011. In fact I was salesman of the year in 2004, 2005, 2006, and then was promoted to a F&I Manager, and then a Sales Manager. What made me a good salesman was that when a customer had a problem, I went and picked up their vehicle, and left them my demo. Then keep them updated throughout the process, and when their vehicle was ready, I made sure it was completely detailed, tank filled, and I would delivered their vehicle back to them. Then the next day, I followed up and made sure they were satisfied, and then again a week later. In one case the problem was out of the dealership's hand, and it had to be resolved with the manufacturer, and they wanted to work it through the process before declaring it a lemon and replacing the vehicle. I met with the DOM and then pushed my way up the line until I was face to face with the Executive VP of North American Operations. Which he was impressed that a salesman would go out of his way to assure his customer was being taken care of, and he authorized a replacement vehicle and threw in a custom set of wheels the customer liked. Now... my manager, and GM wasn't as thrilled with me, but after the dealership got some recognition from the manufacturer, all was good.

Point being, I know how I worked as a salesman, I know how I worked as a Manager, and my CSI was sterling!!!

And no... I am not going back into car sales, because car sales today are a joke! They hire burger flippers who are happy as hell making $250-$300 a week and the poor kids are working 60-hours a week. I typically made $1250 a car and averaged $950 - but that was before the internet truly killed car sales. The only ones making money anymore are the managers who get 7-15% of every car sold.
Peace Out...

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