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Originally Posted by Greyst1 View Post
Boy o boy, with all due respect i bet you are just another check collecting buck passing typical American.....Not being mean, just making an observation.

As soon as you realize why his dealer ultimately should own this cluster mess, you might understand what being an innovator is.

Be an innovator, not an imitator.
The problem is the dealer did try to fix the mess. Bringing in a BB sales rep to see what problems the OP had. The other thing is no one has heard the dealers side of the story. As an unsatisfied consumer Craig's judgment of the situation may be impaired due to hi frustration with the situation. Craig never mentions trying to get a new BB, or a different model from the dealer, just that they are liars selling an inferior product which by his own admission he never tested. Being in sales and describing the prcedures you used Craig, don't you think you would follow the same lines as a consumer? I hope all involved in this mess can find a resolution and put this behind them.
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