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Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
Does the employee handbook give the foreman the right to fire someone? Do you have a human resource dept that this person can go to first to find out if it personal or professional firing?
You've never fired someone for a personal reason?

If I own the company and can't get along with an employee, even if they are doing a good job, is it wrong or against the law?

Why would it need to be in the handbook if they are the person's superior?

The second question is where the training comes in.

I have a guy working for me right now that has supervised more people than I have, at his past job. For a nationwide company. Pretty sure he knows more about properly firing someone than I do. But I can't trust him?

Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
Mark, you realize that's a gross oversimplification of an at-will state's employment laws, right? If you flex the muscles of at-will employment, you're much better off by terminating without giving reason. Giving reason opens possible doors to challenging, and an at-will state does not mean you can fire for any reason.

As for horse hockey, love that phrase. Rest in peace, Colonel Potter.
Yes, I do Tony. And you are absolutely correct, better to give no reason at all.

MASH, forever a classic.
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