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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Not in my area. Ron, are you in the south? LOL! What type of seed? Bermuda should go down in early summer when temps are above 85 and expected to go higher--or am I wrong about that?
I say, do not start until you are satisfied the irrigation is working. Arrange a subcontractor to do this.
Roundup...then...sod is best. Looks great immediately...labor cost is low. (My opinion--you can mow short and skip the tilling. Fall is OK.)
Roundup followed by slit seeding is my second choice. Followup with an additional broadcast cover of seed so you have double the recommended amount. Apply starter fert. Too much grass is better than too little.
In Virginia.

So with no experience in sodding maybe I should just pass on the job? I really hate turning down work. I mean, 3,600 is nothing but I want to be confident going into a job. Having no experience in sod I'd feel weird estimating that.
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