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Burned Scag Tiger Cub

2001 Tiger Cub. I was changing the fuel filter (After having mowed for a few minutes). The Mower engine was not running, I had blown the debris away from the deck and engine compartment. I clamped the tank side of the fuel line and was in the process of attaching the new filter when WOOSH. The fuel which had leaked from the filter ignited! This mower was inside the door of my barn and I did not have a fire extinguisher! I man handled the mower into the drive and managed the fire with a hose while it completely burned up.

1. Never work on the fuel system of a mower after having run it (HOT), fuel will ignite simply from the heat of the exhaust system.
2. Always - I mean Always have a chemical fire extinguisher handy. You cannot put out a gasoline fire with water.

Positives: No one was hurt - The barn did not burn up.
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