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I was just out in my back yard with my 580 blower (quite a few leaves down already due to lots of black birch trees that drop pretty early) and was thinking about this. The Echo harness system is pretty nice for a shoulder harness. I like how you can adjust it, but it's only a 2 point harness (2 shoulders). Whereas the Husky is a what a 4 or 5 point (how do they count this stuff?). On the Husky you can tune it to distribute the weight to your 2 shoulders, your hips and chest, so you don't need super thick padding for the shoulder straps like on the Echo where ALL the weight is on your shoulders, cutting off the blood supply to your arms. So comparing the padding on the shoulder straps on the 2 units is really pretty meaningless...they're different systems. Something to think about.

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