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i don't care for it myself, but it is what it is.. lol. i knew it was gonna look wierd.. but.. to many problems with the middle area right now to try to grow grass there. way to many rocks and boulders in the middle.. was on a pretty tight budget with it too.I couldn't even mow what was in the middle before, had to line trim.. i'm just glad i will be able to spend less time mowing, and i'm not looking at a bunch of dirt and rocks. just gonna have to deal with ugly burnt up fescue in the summer. but i can deal with that.

i would put money into a walkbehind or tank sprayer before i did this backyard. the wife likes it, so i guess thats always a plus.

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It looks pretty good to me. The one thing that does look odd is that bed...kinda strange where it is.
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