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Originally Posted by unit28 View Post
I compare the Echo's thick padded straps to what would {per sey} dolly parton want in a nice comfortable bra.

The Husqvarna shoulder straps ain't no where near that.
Looks like the Echo has 4x the padding. They're not cheaply made either.
My last echo was a pb420Ln that lasted over 10 years. This one is going into year 4 pretty soon.

The Husky's hip strap is for stability, just like the tack on a pack mule.
It's designed to reduce operature fatigue and not for bearing a load.
If it were for load bearing, you'd have to cinch the strap very very tight around your gut. {Practically growing up in the Wasatch} A pack mule couldn't survive without that cinch strap, it'd fall head over heals off the edge of the good thing though, it would be found at the trail head after rolling back down the mountain. Most of us aren't using blowers in extreme conditions. Some do, like myself who use them on rooftops.

I like the business end of the Husky/ The air filtration system is old school but reliable. It's practically the same as what I used over 10 years ago on my old Echo. I do not like the creature comforts though. The load bearing straps are way thin, the back pad is week and the operator cooling system is no where near as useful. Echo, in comparison is better on all points as far as being comfortable. Echos {saddle} back pad is better for vibration and load bearing support, compared to Husky.

I just do not see this Husqvarana back pad being as comfortable as Echo's.
Maybe that's the diference between a "caddilac" and a hot rod?
Look bro, you seem bent on arguing just to bolster your choice, not based on truth or facts.

The Echo is a nice machine. I've already said that. I've also ran one for a while, and I know how it feels after having it on your shoulders for any length of time. It is NOWHERE near as comfortable as the Husky plain and simple, or else I would have spent my hard earned cash on it instead. The shoulder straps NEED the extra padding to help ease the weight of the machine on the shoulders. The Husky's system is much wider and distributes the weight out across a much wider area of each shoulder which reduces the pressure asserted per square inch. The waste belt on the 580 and the waste "ears" on the 570 both help a very noticeable amount with weight distribution, and the cross chest strap really helps with that.

You analogy about the pack mule is significantly flawed as well. I don't carry my blower on my back while walking around on my hands and knees, and if the mule could walk upright on its hind legs, it would need a totally different design for its pack system.

The back padding on the Husky is FAR more durable than the stuff Echo is using. My dealer tells me that is the biggest complaint they get from guys who have bought one and otherwise like them. They have to replace it too often. As for the cooling system, again, you're showing your bias instead of the facts. The Husky's works very well because it blows the air out behind the back pad, and then out and around it and all across your back, instead of directly against the back like the Echo. The Echo is fine for cooling you down in the heat, but by the same token ,it cools you down way too much in the cooler months.

I am not being brand loyal, because I'm not brand loyal on much of anything (outside of chainsaws) these days.
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