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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
The problem is the dealer did try to fix the mess. Bringing in a BB sales rep to see what problems the OP had. The other thing is no one has heard the dealers side of the story. As an unsatisfied consumer Craig's judgment of the situation may be impaired due to hi frustration with the situation. Craig never mentions trying to get a new BB, or a different model from the dealer, just that they are liars selling an inferior product which by his own admission he never tested. Being in sales and describing the prcedures you used Craig, don't you think you would follow the same lines as a consumer? I hope all involved in this mess can find a resolution and put this behind them.
The dealer didn't do this at all. The TRUTH is my post on this FORUM got the attention of Bad Boy and the rep contacted me via email. The rep made arrangements to meet me at the dealer so he could evaluate the mower, and the mower did everything I was complaining about - cause the rep himself weighs 316-lbs, so he arranged for the Hydros to be replaced/repaired after he loss control of the mower and it spun into the dealership's door. The dealer just kept making excuses why the mower is doing what its doing. Blaming mostly on the grass and the usual weather. Like I said, Bob the owner (180-lbs) himself drove the mower after the hydros were replaced/repaired and I didn't like the results I was seeing about the cut quality. But even he had to slow down and lower the deck to get it to cut the BEST it could - which was still leaving stringers saying, "Even if I pulled a Zero Turn out here, it couldn't do any better than that. And that patch of high grass there was because I tried speeding up." They were hoping something could be blamed on me, they checked the pitch, and the level, and the only thing was, was that I didn't clean the grass out of the deck from the day before. The rep had new high lift blades put on, and he added air to the rear tires to bring them up to 10-lbs. The rep followed me out, to my first customer (not the dealer), and he took a lot of pictures. But the rep noticed that even going slow, when I hit uneven ground, even moving at a snails pace, the front end was lifting over a foot off the ground.

What do I think should have happen, after seeing that the Stander was never going to operate properly for the customer at a productive speed, that the Bad Boy should have pressured the dealer into exchanging the Stander for a Outlaw Zero, and had the paperwork with the bank changed over - as the Outlaw Zero is about $1,000 cheaper than the Stander I own. Because THAT is what I would have done as the rep, or if I owned the dealership. And as the DEALER I know I could have touched up the paint, and sold the Stander as a Demo and still would have made a small profit, or worse case, broke even. My Stander only has 51-hours on it, as I use it only on my bigger properties and mostly only in the back yards. I just think the 21" stripes look better in the front yards, and when the front yard is less than 60' in depth.
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