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I started out 4 years ago with a push mower I found sitting on the curb in someones trash. Started mowing a few neighbors. Didn't even trim at first cause I didn't have a trimmer. One of the neighbors gave me an old weed eater. Started ads on craigslist and walking flyers up and down roads and by the end of my first season I had 12 customers a 48" walkbehind($800), a small enclosed trailer($550) a blower($40). 4 years later I now have 110 customers, plow truck, 3 zero turns, 3 walkbehinds, 2 leaf loaders, 3 trailers, multiple 2 cycle equipment...ect, ect....Everything paid for with cash. Dont do credit!! Still to this day i only buy 2 cycle equipment new. I have went through about 10 zero turns and just keep selling and upgrading used ones. you can buy 2-3 decent used ones for what a new one costs.
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