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Single VS Dual axle trailer- Help

Hello guys
i have narrowed my options down to the following:
new sure trac 6X12 wood bottom utility trailer 3.5k axle for $1800
lightly used from a friend dual axle holmes 6X12 wood bottom trailer (2)3.5k axles for $2200

what are the pros and cons of a dual axle?
my state doesnt need brakes for anything under 3,000. so the single axle wouldnt have breaks which makes it easier. the dual axle trailer would have breaks..

id be using it for landscaping, hauling materials and derbris, sticks, mulch, etc...

i dont think i need the dual axle, but if it is only a little cheaper and a better brand, and will not need more maintenance i will go for that.

please let me know what you think thank you very much
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