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Originally Posted by cimkill View Post
How about scalping on uneven terrain with the 72"; is it as big a problem as others say it is??
No it's not if the wheels are spaced far apart, a 72 is good on properties that take over 15 minutes to cut with a 60 and are not real uneven. A 72 can cut small yards and is only a touch bit more clutsy than a 60. A 72 is not great for all cutting but is alot better than one would think on small properties.

If you only have one mower a 60 or 54 is better overall but if you do bigger props it just stomps a 60 good, it can shave hours off your day if you are mowing for hours at a time.

The biggest problem for me is not scalping but dips in the turf under the deck that need to be finessed with the weed trimmer in high visibility areas where you want it to look correct to the eye.A 72 over all in my opinion cuts better than a 60 but it can add a little trimmer time to make it blend in correctly in uneven areas but only on certain properties.

Most people who go from a 48 or 54 to a 60 and then try a 72 will quickly realize the 60 purchase was a mistake because on average a 72 only cost a liitle more to purchase over a 60 but can pay the additional cost in as littls as a weeks service. It can easily cut 500 more $ a week.
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