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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
vaacutabove,... Perhaps you can be more specific in your concerns about QB. Many of use QB, are pleased with it, and may be able to provide some help. But, we need much more detail of your problem. What you wrote is insufficient and does not make sense.

If you want something to just do billing (as your title suggests), then what will you use to do your financial management? If you split up these functions, you will have to duplicate information, and also run the risk of error. QB provides the financial management, AND the functions of Invoices or Statements.
QB is WONDERFULL, however for the little guy, it's very hard to learn, I understand where he's comming from. it's a huge APP, with many things to learn. I think he may have spoken out of turn. something like Gopher, and the aboved post may be ust what the doctor ordered for him.....

some times Just starting out somehting like QB is very intemdating, Especially when you dont know that much about data bases. start with something little for a few Customers. 25 to 50, but after that, Move to QB...

Best of luck
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