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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
I agree. I hate the belittling of members and the know it all top secret attitude. We are all here for the same learn from each other, if that's not what you are here for than maybe you are in the wrong forum. You rarely contribute anything useful to other members...especially if they are not licensed in the state of FL...we can't help where we are from and the varying levels of difficulty requires to be licensed in other is what it is.
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I gotta say this is why I dont stop in much anymore.
To many pissing contests.

BTW Ric, FWIW, I do enjoy your posts usually. You have always struck me as a pretty well informed individual with a worthy opinion.
However...............Sometimes its hard to put up with the grumpy ole man syndrome. I can see why some would suggest that you are a bit more ballsy behind the keyboard.

Hey Scott!
Must be applicator error!
All kidding aside ole buddy, I havent had any problems and it seems we should be on the other end of the cycle by now.
What did you use?
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