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Tree and shrub treatments

I'm curious about getting into the area of the business. I'm done a little bit of this over the years but more on an as needed basis. I like to treat when problems arise.

I've noticed that there is a wide variety of programs and I'm wondering what apps are most important. Like on the lawn side I tell a customer that if they don't do any apps the pre is the most important. So I'm thinking of a similar program that could do no harm.

What do you think about this.....
Very early spring - blanket app of merit. Add orthene or bifinthrin?
Spring - granular fertilize
Late spring - orthene or bifinthrin and a fungicide(not sure banner??)
Winter -- horticultural oil and bifinthrin or orthene mix

I really just looking for a basic program and something easy to sale that I could add more apps to later on.
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