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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
A lot of times people charge 2-3 times the cost of mowing... The biggest hassle is flagging the irrigation system and invisible fence wires...
Those invisible fence things are a real racket. They can't bury them 4" deep? I had one years ago and dogs that really want out (like horny ones) will just take the shock and run through it, twitching all the way. It also does nothing to prevent outside dogs from coming in and tearing up your dog. Also, say goodbye to Fido if there is a power outage w/o a backup source or other malfunction in the unit. Which happens from time to time.

Good enough if you just let your dog out to whiz, but definitely not for unsupervised dogs long term. Most lots I see them on are small enough a small fenced area in back wouldn't cost that much anyway.
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